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9 Sapir, Herzlia Tech Park
(corner of Maskit 27)
Telephone: 09-9749900
Kashrut: Rabanut Herzlia

Open Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 noon. - 10:00 pm. Friday till 2:30 pm. Closed Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat

Sushi Box

September 2016
We had no idea, when we made a reservation at Sushi Box, what a great sushi dining experience was ahead of us. Sushi Box is located on Sapir St, just around the corner from Maskit 27. There is one public pay parking lot at the end of the street and a large public parking lot on Maskit Street.

sushi box eggroll

Sushi Box is a clean and comfortable restaurant. There is bar seating on the entrance level, tables upstairs and outdoor tables at the entrance. We sat upstairs, perched over the action of the restaurant. The decor is minimalist, with Asian themes. Without going too far, the decor has just enough Asian elements so that you know where you are. The banister, we noticed, has Asian symbols and the art work and menu have Asian designs.

sushi box

About The Sushi Box Menu

The Sushi Box menu is mostly vegetarian with fish. There are very few meat dishes. So few that I wonder why they do not just go completely parve. Fish is the king of this menu, with many fish-based sushi options and fish-based rice dishes. There are many vegetarian options.

We started our meal with two sushi platters prepared by the Japanese sushi chef. The sushi pieces were big and beautiful, and were served with enough wasabi so that we did not have to ask for more. The sushi came with two sauces, teriyaki and spicy mayonnaise, and soy sauce is on the table. The Vegie Special, inside outs, were just perfect and even though I am not a fan of raw fish, the Special Nigri, rice topped with salmon, was excellent.

sushi box

In addition to a large variety of sushi, the menu also offers rice dishes. We chose the Salmon Chirashi, an excellent dish of rice, avocado, scallions, topped with cooked chunks of salmon. This is not a dish that you will find in most sushi restaurants, and I recommend it highly.

chirashiSome Things To Know about Sushi:
Health Benefits:
Sushi is considered a very healthy food. Low in fats with minimal carbs, yet rich in vegetables and protein, sushi is an ideal health food.

A little goes a long way:
These three dishes - two sushi platters and one rice dish, were a full meal for myself and my companion.

Sushi is a cost-effective way of eating. The total bill for our three dishes came to 147 shekels before the eLuna discount.

1. The upper floor also has a separate VIP room with a large oval table in the center. This would be appropriate for meeting and for small parties.
2. Party platters from NIS 499. Free delivery in Herzlia and a free bottle of wine.

From the Menu: Edamame NIS 17 Miso Soup NIS 17. Egg roll (2 units) NIS 25. Chirashi Salmon or Tuna NIS 42 - 53. Tataki Salmon Salad NIS 45. I/O veggie NIS 29. Sashimi Salmon NIS 42. Sushi Sandwiches NIS 39 - 42.

From Our Readers:

Submitted by: Marc Geller. Date: Feb 12, 2017.
comment:Had a great meal. Had udon soup with salmon skewers. Sushi was excellent. Service was great. Definitely worth coming to.

sushi box

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