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12 Yoel Moshe Solomon St., Music Square, Nachalat Shiva, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-624-4186
Kashrut: Rabbanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin

Open Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday: 9:00 am. - 2:30 pm. Open Motzei Shabbat: One hour after Shabbat till 11:00 pm. Closed Shabbat.


October 2014
The new Piccolino Restaurant opened in time for Rosh Hashana 2014. This restaurant is brought to us by the folks from popular Little Jerusalem Restaurant at the Anna Ticho House. The owners bring their experience and expertise from the Anna Ticho house to this new restaurant. If you were one of the many who loved the restaurant at the Anna Ticho house, you will surely enjoy Piccolino.

Note: The Little Jerusalem restaurant at the Anna Ticho House is closed for renovations till May 2015.

Piccolino is a downtown Jerusalem restaurant, in Music Square, off Nachalat Shiva. The restaurant has the signature Jerusalem architectural elements such as stone walls and arches. The owners of the restaurant created this lovely space from a formerly abandoned building. Blessed are those who rebuild Jerusalem.

About The Piccolino Menu

Piccolino restaurant offers a delicious dairy Italian menu. Music is the theme of the menu. Start your morning with Buongiorno breakfast. Choose from the Do Re Mi Shakshuka, the Pavaroti full breakfast or Tarantella breakfast. Got the idea?

The menu continues using the musical metaphor, with dishes from the Overture section the Intermezzo, Concerto, the Sonata section and the Fugue. Whatever you do, be sure to stay for the Finale.

For the Overture, start with a choice of antipasti including Piccolino's exceptional boutique cheeses, roasted vegetables or a Mezze of pickled sardines with lemon.

The Intermezzo section includes a selection of soups and salads ranging from Minestrone, Caprese Salad, Melanzane or the Artichoke Trio.- artichokes, not tenors.

The Concerto section offers dishes from the Stove Oven: Here you can choose from a concerto of pizzas, foccacias and calzone.

Sonata - Here are a sonata of pastas: lasagna, cannelloni, gnocchi, ravioli, penne, tuned and harmonized to inspire your palate.

The Fugue section contains a selection of fish. Salmon with Blue Cheese sauce would be my choice or Sea Bream in Olive oil and herbs.

And for the finale, choose a delicious dessert from Pavlova to cheesecake to ice cream.

Cheese Platter: NIS 76 - 96, Mezze: NIS 96, Minestrone Soup: nis 36, Salads: NIS 42 - 54, Focaccia: NIS 32, Pizza: NIS 56 - 66, Calzone: NIS 64, Lasagna: NIS 66, Ravioli: NIS 64, Citrus Salmon: NIS 94, Desserts NIS 28 - 56.

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From Our Readers:
Submitted by Malina Rose. Date: May 19, 2015 Very nice atmosphere and good service. We had several different dishes - all were good. Extra added attraction - live music - different style each night. starts around 8pm. Need reservations

Submitted by Sandi Friedman. Date: October 2014. Description: My comment - in one word, Excellent !!! We had intended on eating at Beit Anna Ticho, however, when I called their phone number, we were told they are closed for renovations. So, we decided to take up the alternate suggestion and eat at Piccolino. We were not disappointed. It was a little hard to find since I'm not from Jerusalem, but after several phone calls, the receptionist sent the waiter to come find us. We were so happy he did and in the end we were almost in front of the restaurant, but just didn't notice the sign.

Everything from start to finish was perfect. The waiter and all the staff were very friendly and very helpful in explaining the menu and assisting us choose our meals. We never had such good service. Everything came quickly, hot, beautifully arranged on the plate and DELICIOUS.

I ordered one of the breakfast meals ; an omelet with chestnuts which just melted in my mouth. It came with delicious house bread, an assortment of cheeses, spreads, salads and orange juice + coffee. My friend ordered the artichokes and was thrilled. The portions were generous and the pricing quite fair. It seemed all the food was prepared with health in mind (not a lot of oil, salt, etc.) The ingredients were fresh and top quality. We were treated to a nice desert "on the house" and even had a chance to meet the owner and compliment her on the wonderful restaurant and delicious food. There are also vegan choices on the menu. The restaurant's décor is very light, airy and in good taste.

I would recommend this restaurant to everyone looking for a classy place to dine.

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