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Mediterranean Bistro
7 Giborei Israel, Netanya
Tel: 09-8356789
Kashrut: Rabbanut Netanya

Open Sunday - Thursday: Noon - Midnight. Closed Friday.
Winter Hours: Open Motzei Shabbat: one hour after Shabbat till midnight. Closed Shabbat.

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Kitchen Bar

Revisited November 2014
A recent email from an eLuna user sent us back to the Kitchen Bar in Netanya to revisit the restaurant. Andrew wrote that Kitchen Bar is ”by a very long way the best kosher meat restaurant in Netanya.” A comment like that will get us back to check out the restaurant again.

Kitchen Bar is a Mediterranean Bistro in the Poleg industrial area, Netanya, within sight of Ikea. We were totally wowed by this restaurant. The decor is upscale and beautiful, the atmosphere is friendly, there were many different seating options and the bar was full. In the evening the tables - both indoor and outdoor - are lit with charming mood-setting oil lamps. Large vases of fresh flowers and the lighting give the place a touch of elegance that is romantic and inviting. Kitchen Bar is high-end big-city restaurant in an industrial area. Who wudda thought.

Kitchen Bar has been around for a while. For many years this was a non-kosher restaurant. When owner Guy was chozer bitshuva he took the restaurant with him, closed the restaurant on Shabbat and got a teudat kashrut. The menu was changed accordingly and voila, a great kosher restaurant is born.

About The Kitchen Bar Menu

Kitchen Bar has a broad selection of delicious food with Mediterranean roots. You will find the menu full of references to Greece, Turkey, Israel, North Africa and other parts of the Mediterranean region. Characteristically, the dishes make generous use of herbs, spices and olive oil to make the dishes sparkle.

My companion started with the roasted eggplant with Har Bracha tehina. This techina is made by the Shomronim and is considered the top of the line. This dish was served with whole chickpeas, parsley and olive oil. This dish has an unexpected touch of chili pepper, so beware. I started with their signature Eggplant with Lamb appetizer, which was a ball of ground lamb, eggplant, herbs and spices that was breaded and fried to give it a crispy coating, and then garnished with tahina on top. This is served on a thin base of a tomato sauce. It was very tasty but a bit spicy to my taste. We accompanied the starters with the house focaccia, a tasty flat bread served with five kinds of dips. 

For her main course, my companion had the Atlantic salmon, which is prepared on the grill. She asked to have it well done, as it is normally served rare in the center. The salmon is served with stir fried string beans with garlic, but my companion elected to share a side order of fries (chips) instead. The chips were fresh, as are all of the ingredients at Kitchen Bar. Kitchen Bar is skilled at grilled dishes, but not all of the dishes are prepared on the grill. There are meatless pastas, baked dishes and three kinds of fish, to suit all diners.

At the recommendation of the waitress I chose the Entrecote steak. It was a large steak, lean, and done to a perfect medium with a delicious grilled flavor. It was served with a grilled tomato, a green salad and some chimichurri, which I didn’t use, as I enjoyed the flavor of the meat so much.

We skipped dessert – too much good food to eat another bite.

Other main dishes that we will have to go back to try include Turkish Pargit, Mediterranean Kabobs, and Denis or Buri filets.

The bar is noteworthy. This is a full bar, with a large selection of wines and alcohol. There is a fine selection of Israeli wines, boutique beers. Cocktails have names like Greek Revolution, Greek Doctor and Esspressotini. The Greek cocktails are based on ouzo, as you might expect. Unfortunately, I was driving, so I had to skip the liquor.

Roasted eggplant: NIS 37; Eggplant with Lamb – NIS 46; Focaccia with dips – NIS 16.
Atlantic salmon – NIS 88; Entrecote – NIS 108.

From Our Readers:
Submitted by Andrew Morris. Date: November 3, 2014. My wife and I ate at the excellent Kitchen Bar in Netanya for dinner Motzei Shabbat two days ago. Contrary to the details on your web site (which informs that it is closed on Motzei Shabbat), it was very much open and we just happened to be passing so went in.

In my humble opinion, it is by a very long way the best kosher meat restaurant in Netanya so let's all do our best to keep it in business. I'm going again tonight with another couple, you should update your website!

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