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64 Chabad St. Jewish Quarter, Old City, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-624-5055
Kashrut: Rav Rubin (Dairy)

Open Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 am. - 11:00 pm. - Friday: 10:00 am. - 2:00 pm.
Closed Shabbat and Motzei Shabbat.

Cardo Gourmet

August 2016
And there we stood at the gates of Jerusalem. The Old City’s Jewish Quarter spread before us and the Kotel – The Western Wall – below. We were engulfed by our history. The old and the new, the rebirth and the….

What’s to eat? In the middle of the Jewish Quarter, just a few minutes’ walk from the Kotel, we were delighted to find Cardo Gourmet Restaurant. This pleasant restaurant was designed in the style of Jerusalem’s Old City. High ceilings and tall arched windows allow plenty of light, creating an open and friendly atmosphere.

B'Shaarayich - Indoors

About The Cardo Gourmet Menu

Cardo Gourmet Restaurant is open all day, and offers meals from breakfast to dinner. Dishes are generous to a fault. After a meal at Cardo Gourmet you won’t be looking around for something else to eat.

Breakfast at Cardo Gourmet will keep you going all day. Salads, cheeses, eggs, and pastries are brought to the center of your table for all to share. You will enjoy a fresh vegetable salad with croutons, a refreshing citrus vinaigrette salad with roasted almonds, a filling tuna salad, green tahini, pasta salad with roasted peppers, pesto and cherry tomatoes, home pickled vegetables and home baked cheese borekas. All these will be replenished throughout the meal. Add to these a variety of cream and hard cheeses, an omelet of your choice or some great spicy shakshuka, and finish off with some pastries. An amazing breakfast indeed.
B'Shaarayich - Pasta

For lunch or dinner, you can choose from an Israeli menu which includes all those national favourites: falafel, sabih and malawach – served with chopped salad and fries.

Cardo Gourmet offers a varied menu with an international flavor – from Greek, to Italian, to Japanese. There are no fewer than 7 salads on the menu. We particularly like the Halloumi salad on a bed of vegetables, lettuce, mushrooms and roasted pine nuts, as well as the salmon tempura salad; pieces of succulent salmon pieces in tempura served with vegetables, lettuce and olives.
B'Shaarayich - Halloumi B'Shaarayich - Salmon

Cardo Gourmet also offers a variety of sandwiches and home made focaccias, all liberally filled with a combination of cheeses or omelets and fresh and roasted vegetables that really hits the spot.

When the family needs a food break there is nothing like a pizza. There are plenty to choose from, starting with the humble margherita to my favourite – the Tuscany with tuna, black olives and anchovies, to the restaurant’s very own ‘custom pizza’, with your extra topping of choice.

In addition there are some excellent pasta dishes including a Pad Thai (I told you this is an international affair!) – noodles with stir fried vegetables with soy, chilli, cilantro and roasted peanuts.

Cardo - DessertAnd don’t miss the desserts – there’s a particularly gorgeous Tricolade – 3 types of chocolate mousse on a layer of pecans and cookies. Very rich and chocolaty. Or try the cold cheesecake – lovely and creamy.

Falafel/sabih/malawach meals NIS 57, salads NIS 43 – 52, sandwiches NIS 39 – NIS 49, Pizza NIS 38 – NIS 54, Pad Thai NIS 48, desserts NIS 31 – NIS 33

Parties and Smachot at Cardo Gourmet: This is a natural venue for hosting events at the kotel. You’ll want to bring your friends and family to this restaurant to celebrate a Bar Mitzva, or putting on Tefilin, and any time you want to bring your friends and family to the kedusha of this part of Jerusalem. The restaurant can host parties of up to 50 guests.

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