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Ben Chamo
Commercial Center, Or Akiva

Kashrut: Rabbanut Or Akiva

Open Sunday - Thursday 11:00 am till 12:00 midnight. After Shabbat till midnight. Closed Friday and Shabbat.

The reputation of this restaurant precedes it. It is known to locals in the Or Akiva/ Ceasarea area as the best meat grill restaurant in the area. And it is kosher!

Good thing for eLuna or you would never find it. The restaurant is not listed anywhere and it seems that the owners are keeping it a secret. We thank the five towns newsgroup ( for helping us locate this restaurant.

Was there last week and took a card. Ben Hamo's Grilled Meat, tel 04-6100463. If anyone is going to the new Cultural Center in Or Akiva, it is very convenient. It is in the shopping section of the old part of Or Akiva. Eliezer Kroll, Karkur (

From the owners: Ben Chamo is the place to go for grilled meats. The restaurant is well known in the area as the kosher restaurant of Or Akiva. The restaurant offers a wide variety of fresh meat. The owners are 4th generation butchers, and they know their meat. In addition there is an excellent selection (18 types) of salads. In the afternoon enjoy your choice of Moroccan coos-coos or rice with raisins. Events can be hosted at the restaurant by prior arrangement.

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