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Harav Agan 10, Ticho House, Jerusalem
Telephone: 02-5434144
Kashrut: Rabanut Jerusalem (Dairy)
Open Sunday - Thursday: 9:00 am. - 11:00 pm. Friday: 9:00 am. - 2 hours before Shabbat. Motzash one hour after Shabbat - 11pm. Closed Shabbat.

Anna Italian Cafe

July 2016
The Anna Ticho House is a 200 year old Jerusalem landmark. Off Yaffo Street near Harav Kook Street, the Ticho house served as the private home of Anna and her husband Dr Abraham Albert Ticho, at the turn of the 20th Century. After her death, artist Anna, donated the house and its sprawling property to the Israel Museum. The museum exhibited Anna Ticho’s and other art works, and housed a lovely dairy café.

Anna - Outdoor front view

The Israel Museum, The Jerusalem Municipality and a generous private donation enabled a complete renovation of the legacy Ticho House. Would the Ticho’s visit the House today, they would not recognize their former home or the neighborhood, which is now built up with apartment buildings and hotels. Times change, Anna. They call this progress. The entrance is now on Harav Agan Street, the building is modernized while retaining the original arcitectural elements, and the restaurant has been moved to the second floor. An elevator takes you from the entrance level to the second floor restaurant.

Anna - Indoors seating

About The Anna Italian Cafe Menu

Anna Italian Breadsticks Anna Italian Café is an Italian dairy restaurant with a lot of bang for your buck. The atmosphere in this unique historic loction is lovely, the service is good, the dishes are delicious and the prices are moderate.

My companion and I enjoyed the light vegetarian courses, with their combination of gentle flavors and textures, the fish, and the pasta. Our meal began with Grissini, a container filled with crispy, finger thin bread sticks, accompanied by dips of yogurt and spicy pesto. This is a great twist on the standard bread and dried tomato/olives spreads, and a promise of creative dishes to come.

We chose several light vegetable dishes from the starters section of the menu, called (in Italian) Primi. The Caprese salad is an attractive mix of cherry tomato halves in a basil and balsamic dressing topped with crumbled mozzarella. The salad came with cherry tomatoes in three or four different colors of in a cool combination that was summery and refreshing. The Roasted Zucchini with feta cheese and a touch of chili was rich in flavor and simply delicious. I can never pass on asparagus, and the Asparagus aglio e olio was such a beautifully presented platter I could not resist taking a picture - though it does not do the dish justice. The crispy, thin asparagus stalks in a garlic and oil dressing were topped with crumbled pecorino cheese.
Anna - Salad Anna Italian Cafe - Asparragus Anna - Carpaccio
Salad Asparagus Carpaccio

For our main courses, and to experience the versatility of the restaurant, we chose the grilled Whole Sea Bream, and the Spaghetti with 3 cheeses. The Sea Bream had a crispy skin with fluffy meat. With years visiting eLuna restaurants I have learned to bone whole fish. If you peel the meat from the fish away from the center line on the side of the fish, you can remove most of the bones. Once you have gotten all the meat from one side of the fish, just zip the skeleton out, and the rest of the fish is easily accessible with no bones. A little experience makes the process easier, but no one should let the thought of a whole fish deter them from having such great, fluffy grilled fish. The fish was served with a bowl of small potatoes with lemon herbs and rosemary, an attractive platter indeed.

Anna - Indoors seating

The Spaghetti with 3 cheeses was served in a bowl with grated cheddar cheese to one side. The spaghetti itself was in a creamy white sauce, which is normally served with ground pepper on top, but because my companion doesn’t like pepper, we had the dish without any pepper, and I ground my own onto the spaghetti with cheese from the pepper mill on the table. If you don’t mind pepper, I suggest letting the chef add the proper amount of pepper for you.. The combination was delicious.

Anna - Lemon PieThe fine service staff helped us choose the dessert.
Which is the best?
Without hesitation, the lemon tart. The generous slice of pie was an enhanced version of American Lemon Meringue Pie. The pie had a thin crispy shell filled with lemon cream and topped with white meringue seared to brown highlights. The shell provided a nice crunch to the soft lemon cream and meringue. It was set off by a small decaf espresso. A nice way to end the meal.

The Anna restaurant is on the second floor of the Ticho House museum, with an elevator. The restaurant is open after museum hours, but it would be well worth a visit to the beautifully designed museum. There is a convenient pay parking lot on Harav Agan Street very close to the Ticho House.

The restaurant has multiple eating areas indoors, including a private room, a bar area, and a large outdoor porch. The indoor areas have the high domed ceilings characteristic of the wealthy Arab homes in pre-state Jerusalem. Notice the original drawings on the celiling, uncovered during the renovation. The acoustics in these domed ceilinged rooms can leave the rooms rather noisy. You might want to sit on the spacious porch if the weather permits. The restaurant is available for parties and groups with reservations in advancce.

Anna Italian Café comes with a social conscience. With the Dualis group, Anna is a training restaurant for youth. The Dualis Fund seeks to build meaningful and purposeful lives for people with limited opportunities. The Dualis buinesses teach personal skills, offer vocational training, employment and job creation for worthy candidates.

From the menu: Grissini – NIS 25, Roasted Zucchini – 30, Asparagus aglio e olio - 38, Caprese – 36, Whole Sea Bass – 82, Spaghetti – 56

Anna - Indoors seating

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