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A Good Gift to Give or Get

Wine. It's not just a pretty bottle. It's not just a delicious drink. It's tasteful - literally and figuratively. Wine is a terrific gift to give and to get. Here are a few tips for buying gift wine:

Select a wine that you, personally, are eager to drink It might be a bottle that you've tasted before and enjoyed. It might be a wine that you've heard or read about and are interested in sampling. Like with any gift purchase, it's always a better gift if it's something that fits your taste as well as the taste of the person to whom you are bringing this gift.

Choose according to both preference and price. There are a lot of different wines to choose from at a lot of different prices. Most expensive does not best. Determine the type of wine that you want, red or white, dry or semi dry, imported or domestic and then look for taste value for your money.

Try to match the wine to the occasion. If you are invited to a picnic lunch, choose a light white. Buy it ahead of time and chill so that the wine is well appreciated at the time it is served. For a formal dinner party, a dry red would be advised. If you don't know what to expect, be creative.

Don't be disappointed if your wine is not served. Some hosts just don't serve wine. Others have already chosen the wine they wish to serve. If you've bought a quality bottle of wine, know that it will be enjoyed at some other time and your thoughtfulness will be remembered.

When in doubt, bring wine. Wine is a good, appropriate gift for any occasion - other than a child's birthday party. While it might be a matter of taste, wine doesn't go bad too quickly, doesn't have to match a color scheme, is both unisex and one size fits all and it can always be recycled.

Yarden Mount Hermon is not the only wine on the market It might be the wine most often bought, but it is not the only choice you have. Be daring. No need to go for the tried and true and in this case, boring. Show that you have taste and go for another bottle, any other bottle. Your host will thank you.


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