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Wine: A Perfect Gift Accessory

There's more to wine than a pretty bottle, an attractive label and a dizzying, delicious experience. Complete industries have sprung up around this tasty vine.

There are wine bags and wine openers. There are wine holders, wine pourers and buckets. And there are wine corks. There are books about wine and cookbooks using wine.

A wine accessory is as creative a gift as is a good bottle of wine. And if the two come together, well, then it must be a very special occasion.

Here are some suggestions:

Wine bags - presentation counts. And when a bottle of wine is presented in a pretty wine bag, even the simplest of wines takes on a new elegance. It used to be that all wine bags were made out of paper, then came mylar. Today, there are wine bags that are intended to be reusable made out of materials as varied as canvas and a golden weave. These wine toting bags are a gift unto themselves.

Wine plates - those are the table and tablecloth saving holders that are placed under the wine bottle. They can be functional or decorative or both at the same time. Plates can be made out of any number of materials, they can be ceramic, glass or sterling. Use your imagination and whatever knowledge you have about the taste and decor of your host.

Wine corks - you have your choice, form or function. This is the small gift that goes a long way. Corks often swell after being uncorked, sometimes they even split, or worse, splinter. That's when you need a new wine cork. Some bottles remain on the bar when unfinished. That's when you want a nice wine cork. There are wine corks galore to be found, everything from colorful plastics to religiously inspired ceramics. They're small, they fit into your pocket and they fit every bottle.

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