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Eating out can be a family adventure. Here are some eLuna restaurants that we recommend for family outings. Some of these restaurants have a section on the menu for children. Other restaurants create adult dishes in child sizes. Others offer entertainment geared towards children. What a way to cultivate young palates and young minds.

Many of these restaurants are also soft on the pocketbook so that you feel comfortable bringing the whole family. Please let us know if you find other eLuna restaurants on our lists that work for families.

Paradiso  - 13 Rechavam Zeevi, Ashdod/Ashkelon 08-9219199
eLuna members will know Paradiso Ashkelon Restaurant by its sister restaurant Paradiso in Tel Aviv's Sarona Center. The restaurant in Ashkelon is the Paradiso flagship restaurant, larger, more spacious, with a separate private party room. The restaurant offers an extended dairy menu that you are sure to enjoy. Paradiso is a family restaurant, with something for everyone. . Paradiso offers a variety of dairy dishes, from breakfast through pasta meals, pizza and focaccia from the stone oven and fish dishes. It is perfect for a light snack, a light dairy dinner or a full fish meal. Bring the kids. There is something for everyone.
Aresto - At the Port, Caesarea 04-6363456
Aresto is a beautiful, well-designed restaurant with stylish furniture including white sofas and leather armchairs. You can sit on the porch that looks out over the ocean or the porch that looks out on a lawn. It’s best to go there at night, when the entire place is awash in romantic lights.

Aresto Restaurant presents a delicious dairy menu with fish and specialty dishes.

Galil Area
Steakiya Bakfar - Moshav Yaara, Galil Area 04-9807661
Steakiya Bakfar is a quality meat and fish restaurant overlooking the picturebook scenery of the western Galilee. This is a large and spacious restaurant. Great for big groups. Check out the enticing menu of grilled meat,marinaded fish and home made salads. You may choose from a large variety of dishes that include kabab's, grilled steaks and more. Bring the family. The restaurant also offers a special menu for children.
Ben-Ezra Fish - 71 Hazayit, Atlit, Haifa 04-9842273
Ben Ezra is a well known family run kosher fish restaurant. The original restaurant is in Atlit. Papa Ben-Ezra, the patriarch of the family, was fisherman in Atlit. The family opened the restaurant which specialized in the "catch of the day." The restaurant developed a reputation for its generous portions of delicious fresh fish served on large platters with salads. They do parties and group meals too.

"Whenever we find ourselves within a reasonable distance of this restaurant, we make sure to go there." This was the recommendation that brought this restaurant to our attention. And we are glad that Ben Ezra is an eLuna restaurant.

You'll be glad too. If you are in or around Haifa on your way to or from the north or just visiting the city, here is the place to stop. It is even worth a separate trip to Atlit.

Bagel Cafe - 46 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem 02-5877877
Bagel Café, the new Bagel shop on Emek Refaim, offers a wide variety of “American Style” bagels along with a variety of Cream Cheeses, salads, antipasti, fish spreads and smoked salmon. Bagels are baked fresh each morning and there is a full cafe menu.

But it does not stop there. The menu offers salads, pasta dishes, and even fish. Desserts are delicious as well.

Belinda - 9 Diskin St, Wolfson Center, Jerusalem 02-5633995
Belinda restaurant (mehadrin) in the Wolfson complex offers delicious and creative vegetarian and dairy dishes that can be eaten in the restaurant or packaged for take out.

Belinda specializes in soups and sandwiches, frothy fruity drinks and coffee. You can still enjoy Belinda's delicious quiches in the restaurant but many of the dishes are now available only for take-away.

All of the foods at Belinda are home made, including the luscious desserts. Their lemon merangue pie is outstanding. The Pear and Blueberry tart which is open faced, is a healthy no-sugar-added dessert made with wheat flour.
Black Bar 'n' Burger - 18 Shlomzion Hamalka, Jerusalem 02-6246767
Black Bar "n" Burger in Jerusalem is the only kosher branch of this well known restaurant chain. The standard restaurant menu has been tweaked for kashrut by the owner and chef Tzachi Buchester himself and there are no compromises. The menu includes burgers with many combinations like eggs, onions and mushrooms, all available in a myriad of sizes and styles. The main courses continue with entrecote steak, spicy wings, etc

Black Bar 'n' Burger restaurants are trendy, with a modern interior design. The Jerusalem restaurant can accommodate 150 diners in a variety of seating: bar, tables, couches and semi-enclosed booths.

Cardo Gourmet - 64 Chabad St, Jerusalem 02-624-5055
In the middle of the Jewish Quarter, just a few minutes’ walk from the Kotel, we were delighted to find B’Shaarayich Restaurant. B’Shaarayich, meaning literally ‘within your gates’ is one of the few kosher restaurants inside the gates of the Old City. This pleasant restaurant was designed in the style of Jerusalem’s Old City. High ceilings and tall arched windows allow plenty of light, creating an open and friendly atmosphere.

B’Shaarayich Restaurant is open all day, and offers meals from breakfast to dinner. Dishes are generous to a fault. After a meal at B’Shaarayich you won’t be looking around for something else to eat.

Greg Cafe - Cinema City, Jerusalem 02-5342292
Greg Cafe is a dairy restaurant on the entrance level of Cinema City. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, the food is good and the service is exceptional.

Visit this restaurant before or after a film, or enjoy it with friends for a special occasion - be it a birthday or another happy event. The staff will indulge you and your party, making your visit memorable.

The Greg menu is varied and creative. The menu offers breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, Italian dishes, lunch, vegan dishes, health drinks, wine, and alcohol. In addition to standard dairy dishes, Greg offers something special in each category.

Greg Cafe Mamila - Mamila Mall, Jerusalem 02-6254567
Greg Cafe is a dairy mehadrin restaurant in the Mamila mall. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, the food is good and the service is exceptional. The menu offers breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, Italian dishes, lunch, vegan dishes, health drinks, wine, and alcohol. In addition to standard dairy dishes, Greg offers something special in each category. There are a large number of vegan dishes. Asian dishes appear in various sections.
Village Green - 33 Jaffa Road, Jerusalem 02-6253065
Slap bang in the center of Jerusalem on Jaffa Road, near the Ben Yehuda pedestrian walk, is the Village Green restaurant: Exclusively vegetarian, it also has many completely vegan options. Their mission is 'to bring fresh, tasty and nutritious vegetarian food to the public'.

Village Green is bright and airy, the atmosphere congenial. Choose from an incredibly large selection of dishes and enjoy a meal that is healthy, nutritious and tasty. Now round off your meal with a yummy dessert. Bete'avon!

Waffle Bar - 41 Bet Lechem Road, Jerusalem 02-6730760
Waffle Bar coffee shop offers light meals, sweets and great desserts. The cheerfully designed interior is warm, intimate, and a lovely place to sit. The cafe is on the level of similar restaurants abroad, and is pleasing to folks of all ages.

If you've got a sweet tooth, this is for you. Waffle Bar specializes in foods like Belgian Waffles and French Crepes with all of the toppings, and sauces. You can also find many lovely Italian dishes like Pasta in a cream sauce with two different kinds of cheese. Yogurt and pesto is a favorite, and focaccia with cheese.

Waffle Bar Hamoshava - 54 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem 077 5561645
Enjoy Waffle Bar's cheerfully designed interior with soft bright colors and a modern atmosphere that is both warm and intimate. This is a restaurant for all ages. The calling card of Waffle Bar restaurants are their amazing desserts. These are glorious creations with a definite wow effect.

The restaurant also offers great breakfast dishes, shakshouka and lovely salads along with yummy Italian-style dishes like pasta in a cream sauce with two different kinds of cheese. Yogurt and pesto is a favorite, and focaccia with cheese. We especially love the drinks at Waffle Bar. There is a great selection of hot and cold drinks.
Waffle Bar_Eshkol - 7 Paran St., shopping center, Jerusalem 1-700-701-775
Waffle Bar in Ramat Eshkol is a dairy restaurant/coffee bar with excellent dairy dishes and desserts to satisfy you sweet tooth. You will find many tasty dairy staples like pasta in cream sauce with two different kinds of cheese. The café specializes in desserts like Belgian Waffles and French crepes, with all of the toppings and sauces.

There is not much seating inside the restaurant but there are a good number of tables and comfortable seating outside with umbrellas for shade.

Waffle Factory - 24 Emek Refaim, Jerusalem 02-5672049
Waffle Factory, located at the top of Emek Refaim in Jerusalem, offers a great variety of waffles and crepes plus an impressive selection of pizza, pasta and salads.

Whether you order a salad, pizza, or a delicious waffle, you can expect the best choice of appropriate toppings - great dressings for the salad, fresh herbs on your pizza, or Ben and Jerrys ice cream on your waffle!

Waffle Factory also offers a host of pancakes and crepes. And you can watch the action as your waffles are made on an open bar .

Waffle Factory Cinema - Cinema City, Jerusalem 1599-565758
The Waffle Factory is an upmarket dairy/dessert restaurant offering quality products. Waffle Factory is an upgraded waffle restaurant with a large menu and delicious foods. The newest branch of Waffle Factory is located in Cinema City. The restaurant is new and spacious, and is a pleasant dining experience.

Oh the waffles! All waffles are topped with a scoop of Ben & Jerrys ice cream and whipped cream. In fact you can choose from a wide selection of Ben & Jerrys flavors.

Modiin Area
Michalis - Ishpro Center, Modiin Area 08-6691000

Michali’s is in the Yishpro center – a buzzing outdoor shopping outside Modi’in town center, easily accessible from Road 431. Michali’s offers indoor and outdoor seating, with an enclosed patio at the back which can be booked for functions. The design combines French rusticity with practical features – white and light oak furniture, shelves laden with fresh French baguettes and bread and jars of biscuits large and small. The staff are helpful and friendly – all making for a warm, pleasant ambience.

Michali’s calls itself ‘Patisserie and Boulangerie’ and indeed the cakes, pastries, pies, breads and rolls are of the variety and quality you might expect in the best French bakeries. But Michali’s is also a café-restaurant, with the full gamut of meals – a choice of breakfast dishes, salads, quiches, pizzas and pasta. In addition there are vegan options – they have thought of everybody.

Alfredo - Park Ezorim Kiryat Aryeh, Petach-Tikva 03-9230643
Alfredo Restaurant, Petach Tikva is a good dairy restaurant in the lovely Ezorim industrial park. The restaurant interior is beautifully designed and the seating, both indoors and outdoors is comfortable and inviting. There is ample parking in the tech park lot.

Alfredo offers an excellent selection of foods. The restaurant is very professionally run, and the service is outstanding. All of this makes Alfredo a very lovely place to dine. Highly recommended. A must try in the Petach Tikva area.

Black Bar N Burger - 18 Hasivim St, Petach-Tikva 03-9191891

Black Bar "n" Burger is sleekly designed restaurant with a trendy, and modern interior. Enjoy a variety of seating options: near the bar, around tables, long bench, and booths.

The menu includes burgers with many unique toppings like eggs, onions and mushrooms, all available in a myriad of sizes and styles. For example, the Norma Jean is made from entrecote, the Greenberger has spinach and nuts, while the Black Diamon is a house specialty made from ground fillet and stuffed with sweet potatoes. Starters nod to Mexican flavors and include chicken wings, natchos with guacamole and salsa, and Mexican sausage.

Air Caffe - 13 Zarchin St, Ra'anana 09-8800050
Dairy Italian dining need not be a heavy carb experience. Right along with lovely Italian dishes (including pasta) Air Caffe offers a great collection of vegetable dishes and fish, as well as salads, sandwiches and stir fry dishes. There are pasta dishes made of whole wheat bread, and gluten-free options as well.

Only the best quality ingredients at Air Caffe. Fish N Chips from high end fish, fresh salads and veggie dishes. Top it off with a sinfully delicious dessert.

Borochov 88 - Borochov 88, Ra'anana 09-744 2203

Borochov 88 restaurant has a warm and inviting atmosphere with convenient parking. There is indoor seating in a comfortable and lovely designed room. There is also patio seating.

Borochov 88 offers a wide range of tasty dairy options ranging from pastas, to sandwiches, to salads, and fish. There are also many delicious desserts options and a nice drink menu.

Borochov 88 is a professional act, starting with the service, the presentation of the food, and the tasty dishes. The prices are reasonable and the portions are generous.

Bread & Breakfast - Giron Center, Ra'anana 09-7728340

Bread and Breakfast is located in Raanana's Giron Center on Jabotinsky Street. The restaurant is large and inviting, with one hour free underground parking.

Bread and Breakfast offers breakfast all day long. There is a fine selection of foods from breakfast right through dinner. If you do not want the typical Israeli breakfast there are sandwiches, salads, quiches, or tasty, frothy fruity drinks.

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Matsuya - 7 Menachem Begin, Ramat-Gan 03-6446344
Matsuya kosher Japanese Restaurant is as close to Japanese food as the kosher world gets. Chef Yaniv has made a study of Japanese food and has brought some authentic dishes to the table. The minimalist menu offers just 4 pages of Japanese dishes with the emphasis on the sushi, plus a page of alcoholic drinks. There are several new Japanese dishes on the menus but you will still find your old favorites.
Rosh Hanikra
Hatzok - Rosh Hanikra, Rosh Hanikra 04-6016849
Hatzok "The Cliff" is a kosher chef restaurant at Rosh Hanikra, Israel's northern most location on the Mediterranean coast. Aptly named, Hatzok restaurant is in a tourist center on the cliffs with a spectacular view and a pleasant modern interior.

Hatzok Restaurant offers a fine Mediterranean-style menu featuring a variety of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, Maor and Eric use only the freshest raw ingredients to create a rich variety of high level dishes. Your visit to Hatzok restaurant will be unique, adventuresome and a rewarding culinary experience.

Tree of Life - Hameginim Square, Safed 0506960239
Visit Tree of Life restaurant for delicious, healthy vegetarian cuisine right off the square in Safed's old city. This is a home-style bakery, restaurant and more. Enjoy whole wheat pizza, calzones, filled with either cheese, onion, or vegetables. Feast on vegetable coconut curry over brown rice.

If you need gluten-free or dairy-free meals, Tree of Life can do this for you, just ask. Try homemade apple pies or cheesecake, or bite into a giant muffin, one of the house specialties.

Hameginim Square, the location of this restaurant, was central headquarters in Safed during Israel's War of Independence. After the War the square was renamed Kikar HaMeginim, "Defender's Square" in honor of the fighters who liberated this city.

Bakers - 3 Nafcha St, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-6771770
Baker’s is a French patisserie in the heart of Tel Aviv, specializing in yummy breads, baguettes, pastries and croissants. These beautiful delectables are handmade, in house, under the baton of pastry chef and restaurant partner Alex.

French folks from far and wide flock to Baker’s Patisserie for the real thing. Time Out Tel Aviv magazine numbers Baker’s among the 10 best patisseries in Tel Aviv, kosher and non-kosher. Achbar Hair called Baker’s the best croissants in Tel Aviv. Click here for more info.

Paradiso Sarona Cafe - Sarona, Tel-Aviv/Jaffa 03-5227673
The kosher Paradiso Sarona Cafe stands out among the other Sarona eateries, as it is one of the only restaurants with a kashrut certification. The restaurant is located on the periphery of the Sarona campus, away from the hub-hub of the restaurants in the center of the campus.

Paradiso Sarona Cafe offered a pleasant respite when you visit Sarona. The cafe offers a variety of dairy dishes, from breakfast through pasta meals, pizza and sandwiches. It is perfect for a light snack, a light dairy dinner or a full fish meal. Bring the kids. There is something for everyone.

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