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Rosh Hashana & Sukkot
5779 - 2018
Erev Rosh Hashana: September 9
. Erev Sukkot:September 23

Get Away in Tishrei
Take Away Food for Rosh Hashana and Sukkot Holiday Books
Gifts for the Holidays  
Get Away for Rosh Hashana and Sukkot See the rates below.
Chill out on the holidays at a relaxing spa hotel. Enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere, the service and the beautiful sukkot.
At our spa hotels, the holidays are truly vacations.
Take Away Food for The Tishrei Holidays
Click on the link for each caterer to view the take out menu with prices and the last date to order.
Delivery Throughout Israel

Rosh Hashana & Sukkot 
See the Yomtov Menu
Kashrut: Mehadrin/ Badatz
A GREAT TASTE SENT TO YOUR PLACE Rosh Hashana, Sukkot.and Every Shabbat
Jerusalem Delights 
Kashrut: Mehadrin/ Badatz

Free delivery in Jerusalem. Delivery available throughout the country.
Greater Jerusalem

Marc of ExcellenceTaste of Talbieh
Rosh Hashana and Sukkot Menu

Delivery Greater Jerusalem.
Order for Rosh Hashana
August 26
Order for Sukkot Sept 13

Delivery in Raanana and Sharon
order by 2 september. See Menu
130 Ahuza, Raanana 09-9744089.
Buffet - Choose Your Own
Meuchas Israeli Kitchen
Classic Ashkenazi and Sfardi cuisine.
Buffet of take away foods erev chag/shabbat
Take out menu Erev Chag.

41 King George St,, Jerusalem. 02-5790070.

Mehadrin RabbanutYerushalayim
Gifts for Rosh Hashana and Sukkot
Give friends and family an eLuna restaurant gift the restaurant of your choice or of their choice.
Hundreds of gift certificates sold

eLuna Restaurant Gift Certificate
Give the Gift of Wine
Buy frends or family a gift of wine. The gift can be redeemed at the wine shop or by phone.

eLuna Wine Certificates

22 Rivlin St, Jerusalem. Tel: 972-2-6259703
Hayetzira St, Mevaseret Zion, Tel: 972-2-5343039
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Books for Yom Tov
Get Away in Tishrei
Rosh Hashana and Sukkot 2018
Rates are for 2 guests in a double room per night

Beresheet Mitzpe Rimon

Rosh Hashana. Minimum 3 nights.
Bed & Breakfast from NIS 6780/3 nights.
Sukkot Bed and breakfast. 23 - 25 Sept from nis 4680,
26 - 28 Sept from nis 4600, 26 - 29 Sept from nis 6860,
27 - 30 Sept from nis 6860.
More about Beresheet

Carmel Forest

Carmel Forest

Rosh Hashana minimum 2 nights
Half board from NIS 5880 for 2 nights.
Sukkot Erev Sukkot Sept 23 from NIS 2100 per night.
Chol Hamoed Sept 24, 25, 26 from NIS 2860.
Sept 27, 28, 29 from NIS 2340. Minimum 2 nights.
10% discount for 3 nights.
More about The Carmel Forest

Cramim, Jerusalem Hills

Rosh Hashana minimum 2 nights
Bed and Breakfast from NIS 5641/2 nights.
Sukkot 23 - 27 Sept and 29 Sept - 2 October from nis 1480/night.
27 - 30 Sept minimum 2 nights, from nis 1960/night.
10% discount for at least 3 nights.
10% discount for stays of at least 2 nights
15% discount for stays of at least 3 nights (23 - 27 Sept only).
More about Cramim

Hamakom, West Galilee
Hamakom Fully Booked

Shizen Herzlia
eLuna offer applies mid week chol hamoed.
Rosh Hashana: NIS 3900 Bed & Breakfast 2 nights
Sukkot: NIS 1400 Bed & Breakfast per night
More about The Shizen Lifestyle Spa Resort
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