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eLuna Restaurants Open on Chol Hamoed Pesach
The list is in development. Be sure to check this list periodically throughout the holiday.
Get Away for PesachSee the rates below.

Carmel Forest

Europa1917 Tiberias

Shizen Herzlia

Mitzpe Rimon

Jerusalem Hills

Hamakom, Galilee
Villa Galilee,

Amirey Hagalil. .
Take Away Food for Pesach
Click on the link for each caterer to view the take out menu with prices and the last date to order.
Deliveries throughout the country.
Glatt Mehadrin Meat and Parve Menu
Order early for full selection,
Delivery throughout Israel
Pesach Take Away Menu
Bnei Brak. Delivery throughout the country
Order by Motzash 16 April

5% discount before April 12

3 HaOferet St. Atarot, Jerusalem
Deliveries throughout Israel
Order by Rosh Hodesh Nisan
In Jerusalem

Pesach Take Away Menu
10 King David St., Jerusalem

Marc of ExcellenceTaste of Talbieh
Pesach Menu
Delivery Jerusalem. & Maaleh Adumim
Order by April 11


Huge take away buffet erev chag and erev Shabbat
Rachel Imenu and
16 King George, Jerusalem
Gifts for Pesach
Give friends and family an eLuna restaurant gift the restaurant of your choice or of their choice.
eLuna Restaurant Gift Certificate
Give the Gift of Wine
Buy frends or family a gift of wine. The gift can be redeemed at the wine shop or by phone.

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Haggadot for Pesach
These Haggadot will be shipped to you in Israel in time for Pesach. Buy one Haggada and get a second book from our Pesach collection free.
V'Higadeta L'Bincha
And You Shall Tell Your Sons. A Pesach Haggadah.
Hard Cover, Tamid-Publishers
A beautifully designed Haggadah with black and white graphic pages. Every page offers a uniquely beautiful design and artistic presentation of the traditional text . Each page is different, each is individually designed, and each is a work of art, celebrating the Hebrew language and its hidden mathematical codes. The Haggada contains an essay explaining this concept,

More on this Haggadah.

Hakol Baseder: A Treasury of Activities for the Passover Seder
by Mitch Heifetz and Michael Toben.
Speaking of Pesach as a teaching opportunity, this is a kit with a log of good tools to teach about Pesach. The kit includes a Haggadah, a Birkat Hamazon booklet, a wine opener, a book and a CD. All of these items are neatly packaged in a book size plastic case. More on Hakol Baseder

Open Orthodox Haggadah
Available thorugh and through Gefen Publishing.
This new Hebrew/English Haggadah is distinguished by a lively and modern English translation, charming pen-and ink illustrations by Caryl Herzfeld, and over twenty short essays on topics both related to Pesach and of generic Jewish interest.

Open Orthodoxy combines a strict adherence to Jewish law with an openness and flexibility on certain contemporary issues, Rabbi Avi Weiss originated the concept "Open Orthodoxy" and is the spiritual force of this haggadah.
More on this haggada
The Easy Way Out Of Passover CookbookPaperback by Mindy Ginsberg, March 15, 2015
Available thorugh and through Gefen Publishing.
A contemporary kosher cookbook with over 100 easy and delicious recipes. kitniyot-free.

Mindy Ginsberg is a cooking expert, who has shared over 50 years of proven recipes. She had two previous cookbooks published in Israel.

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